GAKUYA BY KIM GAN: Fusing essence and fashion


    INTERNATIONALLY renowned designer Kim Gan, who has dressed up the likes of Boy George of Culture Club, Miss Universe El Salvador 2018 and an array of celebrities both here and abroad, has shifted gears in this pandemic.

    The fashion industry has been one of the worst hit sectors during this global health crisis and Kim decided to create a set of creations for her Gakuya line that are not only fashionable but, more importantly, essential.

    Gakuya, which is a Japanese word for “dressing room” where geishas go to change clothes, has come up with water-resistant masks to go with a comfy, one-size-fits-all T-shirt and an eco-friendly totem bag that is washable.

    After graduating from UST’s College of Fine Arts, Kim moved to Japan and in the process, fell in love with its culture and people. “Ever since naman, my designs have been influenced by Japan. I love the arts and culture of the Japanese,” said Kim, who came home after spending 20 years in the Land of the Rising Sun.

    “I’m doing this not only for myself but for my staff,” Kim continued. “At least, we have something to keep us busy. Since we’re still in quarantine status with no fashion events, shows and all, we will be focusing on ready to wear and soon will be launching Gakuya home!”

    Amazed at how the Japanese really give importance to their art and culture, Kim’s Gakuya creations are influenced by the simplicity, subtlety and modernity of Japan.

    After she came back in 2007, she initially opened Gakuya at the clubhouse of Corinthian Gardens and later moved to her own place in Greenmeadows.

    “We are all in this (crisis) together,” Kim added, knowing only too well that there are no small players as everyone contributes in the entire fashion industry.

    “We can be fashionable and essential at the same time,” Kim quipped.