From premier weekend getaway to alternative primary home


    As the country faces a global health crisis this year, Filipino homeowners are earnestly looking at idyllic suburban developments with wide-open spaces and a lush, tranquil environment as their primary residence. One such place is Tagaytay Highlands, a mountain-resort-themed estate coveted for its stunning views of Mt. Makiling, Canlubang Valley, Laguna de Bay, and placid Taal Lake.

    No longer just a weekend retreat, Tagaytay Highlands has evolved into every Filipino family’s dream home. Its expansive lots, signature log cabins, and spacious units are envisioned to last and endure through years of milestones and happy memories. But in the here and now, Tagaytay Highlands is intent on providing the best and exclusive mountain resort experiences to its residents and guests.

    As far as safety and well-being go, Tagaytay Highlands takes pride in its proactive management and high level of emergency preparedness. In fact, no problem has been insurmountable for the exclusive complex. Following the Taal activity in January this year, Tagaytay Highlands immediately launched clean-up and repair operations. Major roads, driveways, golf courses, landscapes, and other properties were rehabilitated and repaired, their prime condition quickly restored, not long after the crisis.

    Major facilities in the Highlands such as The Spa and Lodge, the Tagaytay Highlands Golf Course, dining places, and the Sports Center resumed operations shortly after.

    Today, amid the pandemic, Tagaytay Highlands remains to be a safe haven for homeowners and guests. Its low-density communities, wide-open spaces, the serenity these exude, and the crisp, clean mountain air serve as deterrent to the transmission of the contagion.

    Still, Tagaytay Highlands enforces stringent health and safety measures mandated by government health authorities. Residents and guests are urged to do frequent handwashing, wear face masks and shields outside their domiciles, and observe social distancing. On the other hand, employees continue to be monitored closely and undergo non-contact thermal scanning upon entering the property. Temperatures are again checked at all main entrances in Tagaytay Highlands. In the employees’ canteen and offices, two-meter distancing is observed to avoid close interaction amongst colleagues.

    The estate exercises due diligence in the upkeep of its common areas and amenities while adhering to community quarantine rules. The management, staff, security, and technicians of the property are also deployed daily to provide professional services to homeowners, guests, and members.

    With the country adapting to the ‘new normal’, families and individuals are beginning to see the wisdom in relocating to and making Tagaytay Highlands their permanent address. The premier development is their best—and probably only—option south of the metro for long-term safety, security, and good health.