From piano protégé to beauty industrialist


    By Carla Bianca Ravanes Higham

    Angelo Ortiz is a creator of beauty.

    From the moment he received his first piano from Santa when he was five years old, Angelo has been creating beautiful music that has literally made the whole world sing.

    What first started out as an interest in playing nursery rhymes soon turned into a career of playing beautiful melodies in the country and all over the world. By the time he was 18, Angelo was already composing his own music and became a recording artist under Galaxy Records at the age of 21, “The record company gave me four record albums to work on and I was dubbed as the only New Age Contemporary Piano composer in the Philippines.”

    His albums received local recognition and his work was then recognized locally and internationally. In 2006, Angelo won the World Champion title for Piano Performance in the World Championship of Performing Arts held in Hollywood California. He then completed his studies from the University of the Philippines where he learned from Nita Abrogar Quinto.

    Aside from multiple awards, Angelo also had the opportunity to perform in Switzerland and teach students who went on to Music Conservatory Colleges as well as children with special needs.

    Staying true to his passion for beauty, Angelo then explored his artistic side and entered the beauty business in 2013, “My love and passion for the Arts and Music has led me to develop my interest in beauty – which to me is another form of Art.”

    This led him to open a small trading business for beauty products and equipment, a small consulting firm, and study the art of microblading and semi-permanent make up. He trained under different institutions such as American Academy of Micropigmentation, Phi Academy, and Contours. He also took courses in Body Engineering and Body Designing under Easecox Taiwan and Japan.

    His skills in semi-permanent make-up has given him the opportunity to make thousands of clients from all over the world be beautiful and feel beautiful, “I have always been fascinated with how beauty procedures can change the lives of a person and easily boost their confidence. It’s not mere vanity but gives women the opportunity to change their outlook about themselves and their lives. I have seen lots of my client evolve into more confident versions of themselves. Even my male clients feel the same way after the procedures.”

    For Angelo, allowing others to feel beautiful, whether through his music or now through his beauty enterprise, serves a deeper purpose, “I have come across a lot of clients who come to me after a painful season in their lives, I have also known clients who simply want to enhance their already beautiful face. Whatever the reason may be, I always make sure that they always leave with a lifted spirit and greater confidence in themselves.”

    Today, Angelo has three branches in the Philippines for his semi-permanent make up procedures. Soon, he would be expanding in the United States and Canada, “Los Angeles is very promising because it combines the values I adhere by: Arts, Music, and Beauty.” He would soon be sponsoring the biggest stars at the 2019 Primetime Emmy Awards Gifting Suite to help expand his knowledge and hopefully lead the way for him to expand his services fully to the United States. He also recently opened a training center for semi permanent make up training in Manila called Browlesque. He also continues to give piano lessons to children and says that this would always be a passion of his.

    Angelo believes that his fortunate to be able to excel in fields that he is passionate about, “I’ve always been passionate about teaching whether its teaching music or in the field of beauty. I believe music and beauty are connected to each other; Music lifts our soul while beauty lifts our confidence. I can see myself in both fields for the rest of my life mainly because of my clients. I feel fulfilled whenever I see my students and clients happy. There is no greater feeling that to make others feel better in their lives.”