From disability to ability


    SOUTHSTAR Drug and Project Inclusion Network together with Goodwill Industries of the Philippines recently launched the “Drop the Prefix” campaign which aims to create awareness about persons with disabilities (PWD).

    The campaign also intends to raise more funds to sponsor the educational training and development of PWDs that will further improve their capacity to actively participate in the society.

    True to its tagline “We Care A Little More,” Southstar Drug believes that providing service with care is not limited only to its customers but to the whole society as well. This advocacy strengthens the company’s efforts to assist those who need special care and attention – more so, inclusion.

    Starting October 15, Southstar Drug branches will be selling the bags that have been designed by selected PWDs who discovered hidden depths and joy through painting, sketching, designing and other forms of art. Each bag is priced at P69.

    The artworks will also be produced as desk and wall calendars as giveaways.

    The campaign hopes to tell the stories of the artists with disability who designed the bags.

    These individuals share a common bond – their love for art and their desire to create things that will be useful for people.

    Everyone in the society is entitled to love and be loved, said Christine Tueres, Southstar

    Drug general manager. The company strongly believes that PWDs are part of the society and whose uniqueness, capability and ability must be valued and appreciated.

    “With this project, the company is able to help the society not just by delivering health care but also by providing love and care to everyone,” Tueres said.

    The company started hiring PWDs as regular employees three years ago. At present, 23 of them are deployed in the company’s stores and head office.