FPPF offer photo courses


    The historic Fort Santiago in Intramuros, Manila is the forefront of learning photography in the country.

    For 2020, the Federation of Philippine Photographers Foundation (FPPF) continues in its role offering photo courses for beginners as well as for professionals who want to be more competitive.

    Eduviges Huang, chairperson of the FPPF, said for beginners there is a lesson plan that will enable them to acquire the basic skills to operate a camera and take good photos in five days or 40 hours.

    There is an even shorter time to teach corporate employees how to operate the camera and come up with nicely composed pictures.

    The modules are packaged for corporations who now realize the value of good photography in communication.

    With trained photo staff, companies enjoy better presentations and find their communication better understood because of visuals. Better pictures also are indispensable to effective social networking.

    Not only students and out-of-school youth, but also professionals like doctors, bankers, dentists, engineers, teachers, journalists, architects, accountants, nurses, designers, artists, as well as showbiz personalities like Smokey Manaloto, adventurers and even priests and nuns found their way to Fort Santiago to learn photography.

    There were generals, and justices, and government officials, foreigners, men, and women.
    Participants can choose whether on weekdays or weekends.

    The five-Saturday basic photography seminar will start on Feb. 15 while the five-weekday on February 10. Special courses: Wedding, March 28-29; Cruiseship, Feb. 16; Lighting Essentials, Feb. 29 and March 1; Lightroom, Feb. 15 (Saturday); Photoshop, March 28. For details visit www.photoworldmanila.com.