Four separate lives, same quality sleep with Tempur mattress

    Tempur has changed the overall quality of life of beautiful actress Alice Dixson
    Tempur has changed the overall quality of life of beautiful actress Alice Dixson

    Sleeping patterns may be influenced by one’s career, daily routine, and lifestyle in general. Still, we all have a common need: a comfortable bed conducive to rest.

    Tempur recently sat down with a famous actress, a journalist/road safety advocate, a professional basketball player, and a retired schoolteacher who all confirmed that a Tempur mattress is essentially the best investment for quality sleep. And there is no price tag for that.

    Fabulous but frenzied, this aptly describes the life of Alice Dixson, an actress, a digital media producer and a popular endorser with her own charitable advocacies. “I had been using a Tempur mattress for over a decade in the States. The medium-firm mattress was perfect.”

    James Deakin is a news anchor, journalist, TV host, a prominent blogger/vlogger, a motoring columnist, and a road safety advocate all rolled into one. Hitting the sack at night is a very special moment for him because it signifies the end of what can be an extremely arduous day.

    He used to consider a bed merely a means to an end, until he purchased a Tempur mattress. “They say the biggest investments that people will make in their lives are one, their home and second, a car. For me, the 3rd biggest investment is a good mattress,” he explains.

    Desiree Swan is a 55-year old retired teacher. Her life now has become simpler. She also loves lounging on her bed and getting 6 to 8 hours of deep sleep at night. And she has Tempur to thank for that.

    “I have the Tempur adjustable bed, the original mattress, a symphony pillow, leg spacer and the eye mask. I got all these because someone with asthma like me is not advised to lie down flat and because I have phlebitis, my legs also have to be elevated. My Tempur bed tilts up my head and raises my legs. My bed and pillows really cater to my health needs and lifestyle,” she says.

    For elite athletes, sleep is a crucial pillar of their performance. professional basketball player for Barangay Ginebra San Miguel Greg Slaughter, attests to this truth.

    Growing up in the US, Slaughter is familiar with Tempur. And he decided to invest in a customized Tempur bed which he has been using for three years now. “It started out with one Tempur pillow and then a body pillow. I decided to get a mattress that would fit my size. I have been enjoying my uninterrupted sleep since then,” he adds.