Food and more, delivered


    People have remained indoors and have been dependent on delivery apps more than ever. From ordering food, doing groceries, and even being productive for work, people spend more time on technology and have pivoted to online platforms.

    Foodpanda, the country’s on-demand food delivery service, offers a wide variety of food and groceries as Filipinos are slowly adjusting their lifestyles and daily routines to the “new normal”. Some of the daily demands that used to be physically separated from you during work hours are now very close by, which makes your plate feel fuller nowadays. With foodpanda, you can opt to order both food and groceries that you need for the day.

    More than just the usual big-name brands, foodpanda has also teamed up with smaller local fares. With its launch in more cities like Zamboanga, Palo, Tarlac, Sta. Rosa, Kabanklan and Tagum, expect that you can try more curated and local dishes.

    Going out can be an uneasy experience for most people with the current environment. More so if there are deliveries and care packages that need to be sent out. If you happen to have the urge to send care packages to someone you love, all you need to do is put in the address of the recipient for a special delivery whether it’s food, drink, or grocery. In the same way, you can also do this for yourself without going outside and still have your favorite food and other supplies delivered safely.

    “The unprecedented times have caused disruption in our lives, but we at foodpanda believe that there’s a solution for us to live worry-free. As we have broadened our scope beyond food delivery services, our partnership with select retailers will also make those pantry essentials, medicines, pet supplies and anything necessary delivered securely at home,” said foodpanda managing director Daniel Marogy.


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