Following the crumb trail in socially conscious snacking

    Dark chocolate chip cookies

    The pandemic has led to a boom in online bake shops which cater to a diverse market.

    However, online bakeries and food stores have been operating well before the recent lockdown. For Crumb and Grubs, the renewed interest in home-delivered homemade goods has also been an avenue for small businesses to band together and help one another flourish.

    The brainchild of Jeanne Marfal, Crumbs and Grubs was first established in 2010 as a home-based bakery catering to restaurants and cafés in Teacher’s Village. It then pivoted in 2011 to focusing on healthy snacks to moms and moms-to-be, being the first establishment to provide organic lactation snacks and to offer all-natural prenatal snacks.

    Strawberry croissant


    Since then, Crumbs and Grubs have expanded their offerings to include both sweet and savory items with a heightened focus on partnering with other small business using sustainable practices. “You’ll see some products come and go depending on the season – new products are developed based on what’s in season and what local farmers and producers have an abundance of,” Marfal said.

    These include seasonal items such as the Ube Halaya Puff Pie, and the current best-seller – Strawberry Croissant made with a mix of homemade Strawberry Preserves, Palawan Honey, and fresh Baguio Strawberries. Other items include British Sausage Rolls, cookies made with local chocolates, Vegan cookies; Croissant, Kesong Puti and Spinach Quiche, and Strawberry Calamansi Tarts.

    Crumbs and Grubs also recently launched a local version of burrata, a rich and creamy Italian soft cheese. The cheese is made by Crumb and Grub’s partner cheesemaker in keeping with spirit of the traditional Italian artisanal process, with milk sourced from local farmers. Like their cookies, the burrata comes in both regular and lactation variants.

    As a small business, Marfal is also cognizant of the need for support and synergy with other businesses, not only to survive, but also to enact change for a better world. “From sourcing directly from local producers, helping raise funds for organizations, to developing products to promote specific local ingredients and products, everything we do is a conscious effort to help, empower, and be a part of creating something special,” Marfal shared.


    This also means that the business is a proponent of sustainability, believing that everyone – no matter how big or small, can play their part. “Individuals or businesses, all of us have the responsibility to respect and protect the environment. Every day should be a conscious and intentional effort to do so,” she added.

    To this end, Crumbs and Grubs uses plastic-free eco-friendly packaging, spending a little extra on recycled paper seed tags. It has also partnered with an organization that handles the production of recycled paper bags into seed tags and supplying eco-friendly packaging solutions to other small businesses. The use of seasonal ingredients also plays a role in sustainability. By using what is abundant at any time, there is less environmental impact by the production chain that Crumbs and Grubs operates.

    What started out as a small neighborhood bakery is now a socially-conscious store that puts a premium on being able to provide high-quality and healthy products made out of ingredients that are locally-sourced. “Since we started, our advocacy has always been to educate consumers and empower them to make healthier choices. It has always been about putting local producers into the spotlight by utilizing their products thereby empowering them. When people are educated and empowered, making better and healthier decisions comes easily. We want consumers to understand that eating healthy and living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be complicated. Thus our tagline: Healthy Choices Made Easy,” Marfal shared.

    Crumbs and Grubs are now on Pickaroo and will soon be expanding to other e-commerce sites. Customers can also visit,, and to order.