‘Flora Vida’


    For “Flora Vida”, Dr. Ronnie Lim strives to capture the look of flora and, eventually, find magic in the process. His acrylic on canvas paintings offer dynamic compositions, a variety of soft and subdued edges, and overall harmony. Dr. Lim aims to organize them in an interesting and evocative way.

    In his floral paintings, Dr. Ronnie Lim makes his colorful abstractions by staying true to his unique method of representing nature through the application of flowing pigment. The artist is challenged to feel and engage in more emotional interpretations of these floral memories: to self-reflect and become more aware of behavioral patterns, values, and one’s own place in the world.

    The artist considers the life cycle of the flower in comparison to human life and the beauty in all its stages. The ways in which one interprets the world is reflected on multiple canvases presenting divided views of the whole. Through his oeuvre, Dr. Lim explores not only the history of flowers in culture, but the many layers of meaning found in both flowers and language, and the complex relationships they have in nature and human lives.

    Though an avid sketcher as a young boy who bested his fellow students in art class, Dr. Ronnie Lim entered the B.S. Biology program at the University of Santo Tomas as an aspiring doctor. After getting accelerated and graduating cum laude, he continued his studies at the UST College of Medicine. Anatomy classes at med school solidified his creative talent, encouraging him to cultivate his sketching skills. Finally, in late 2008, he discovered and became remarkably invested in painting; a devotion that is evident in his work.

    Having initiated his training under Renante “Rey” Aurelio at the Arte Pintura Gallery, adapting to the art form quickly and subsequently breaking off to work independently, Dr. Lim taught himself further techniques using a wide range of sources, focusing particularly on the masters. Since 2010, his works have been exhibited in various galleries around Metro Manila, several of which were one-man shows including at the recently concluded ManilArt 2019, that turned out to be a sold-out show “Flora Vida” will be on view from February 26–March 6, 2020 with the Artist Reception scheduled for Thursday, February 27 at 6PM. The gallery is located on the 3rd level of The Podium, ADB Avenue, Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong City.