Finding the right blend

    Blending Kit
    Blending Kit

    Whisky has taken the Philippines by storm in recent years. It has shed its image of being the drink of choice by stuffy executives and is now warmly welcomed by a growing number of well-versed young professionals. Today, it is just as common to see people celebrating over a bottle of whisky as it is over a bucket of beer.

    However, there is a misconception that blended whiskies are inferior products compared to their single-malt counterparts – an idea that Chivas Regal aims to address through its online whisky blending masterclass.

    Rhys Wilson
    Rhys Wilson

    “The art of the blend is such a big passion point for us at Chivas Regal and we love that over the past few years, we were able to share that with other people, especially our consumers. We want to show them a slight insight on what we at the Chivas team do every day and why this idea of bringing many whiskies together in a recipe is such an exciting, challenging, and fun task,” Rhys Wilson, Chivas Regal global brand ambassador, shared.

    The Chivas the Blend Whisky Masterclass, held last July 31 and hosted by Wilson, was an opportunity for participants to take a glimpse at how blended whiskies are made. They are also given the chance to make their personal blend using the Chivas the Blend Whisky Blending Kit.

    Participants were encouraged to blend their own whisky by selecting from five different flavors in the kit – Floral, Fruity, Citrus, Creamy, and Smoky – and pouring them in a bottle to create a Scotch that’s uniquely theirs.

    “At Chivas, we believe that with blending different flavors in whisky and in life is the perfect blend for success,” said Mary Jane Wong, brand manager for premium whiskies. “We want our fellow whisky fans to experience what it’s like creating something that perfectly suits their own tastes, and we’re excited to see what they can come up with during these sessions.”

    The Chivas the Blend Whisky Masterclass is a culmination of the brand’s belief that blended is simply better, as many different facets and flavors of whisky prevail when they come together, as opposed to standing alone.

    This belief also translates to real life, as people and their successes are also a blend of many different passions and tracks – and there’s always a Chivas blend to toast their every win, no matter how big or small.

    Individuals can visit to find out more about the Chivas the Blend Whisky Masterclass and to reserve a slot in future sessions.