Finding the right art pieces for your home


    More than just decoration, artwork and furniture allow homeowners to express themselves.

    Their choices give a glimpse of their sense of style and personality, and for many individuals, their collection allows them to personalize their homes and give it character.

    However, most people feel that they are ill-equipped to acquire artworks and antiques as they do not have an artistic eye. Yet choosing a piece is about creating an experience, interior designer Ram Bucoy explained during the preview of the Tercero online auction by Casa de Memoria.

    Antiques exude timeless elegance and for Bucoy, the addition of an antique piece in a room gives a splash of pizzazz. To make it blend into the modern lines of a home, Bucoy suggests pairing it with a contemporary piece. A 17th century Flemish Bargueño can be accessorized with jars and plants for a bold look. “Trust me, it isn’t frumpy. It brings so much character into a space,” he says. “Juxtaposing the old and the new can give rooms a more youthful feel.”

    Paintings also add color to any wall and serve as centerpieces of a room. But more than just pleasing to the eye, a painting should resonate with the owner, reflecting stories or special messages that are close to their hearts.

    For Bucoy, you can dress up your wall with “paintings that speak to you.” Tercero also offers more paintings and artworks by celebrated artists from the Philippines and different parts of Europe which Bucoy says can add a contemporary touch to a room. Among these are “Maternité” by Pablo Picasso, Oil on Canvas Portrait by Aldo Bahamonde, and a painting of Saint Anthony of Padua with Child Jesus.

    A piece of furniture is also art. And since you will be using them often, it is best to invest in essential pieces like a couch, chairs, or tables with the best quality, comfort, and, of course, design. Bucoy said that many of the Tercero auction lots will fit perfectly in your home just like the set of upholstered Castilian chairs

    Lastly, Bucoy added that a room can use some quirkiness as it is always nice to throw an oddball into the mix. A statement piece, just like the Isabelino style mirror, can be placed at the center of your wall or on top of a dresser to instantly add personality to any space.