Finding one’s inner artist


    WHEN the word “artist” is mentioned, the mind conjures up images of a person feverishly completing an artwork, completely consumed by the craft. The romanticized idea of a starving artist, tortured by his psyche and the compulsion to create is equally alluring and horrifying.

    For Arlyn Dela Cruz-Bernal, however, art is a respite rather than a burden. A way to heal and move onward. The longtime journalist and filmmaker has made a name for herself in the media industry, but a series of medical issues prompted her to take a break. It was during this time that she started taking up the brush in earnest, giving in to the inner artist that lived within her.

    Arlyn Dela Cruz-Bernal
    Arlyn Dela Cruz-Bernal

    The result was a veritable explosion of pieces, so much in fact, that she had enough artworks to mount her first solo exhibit last month at the Movida Fashion + Food Club.

    Following the first exhibit, Arlyn wanted to showcase her artwork in a different setting. This led to her reaching out to Winford Manila Resort and Casino.

    The original plan was for Arlyn to have a short run but Winford Manila Executives urged her to make it a month-long event. The result is Hindi AkoPintor 2, the second solo exhibit by Arlyn.

    According to Arlyn, the title of the exhibit was borne out of her view that she should not call herself an artist. “I’ve done many pieces but I still don’t consider myself a true artist. But I take great pleasure in the things that I create so that makes my work very personal,” she said.

    The works on display are a combination of portraiture and abstract work. In the portrait works, the distinct facial style is echoed, giving a trademark look to Arlyn’s works. Bright colors and bold strokes hint at the hopeful attitude Aryln embodied when she was creating her pieces while the calmer, smoother energy of her abstract works evoke peace for viewers.

    Jami Ledesma, Winford Manila director for communications said that this is the first art exhibit the hotel has hosted. “We have done a fashion show and a book launch in the hotel but this is the first time we’ll be doing an art exhibit. We are excited to showcase Arlyn’s works to our guests. We are also helping her in the sales of her artwork. Hotel guests who want to purchase a piece can talk to our staff, “he said