Finding comfort in Pancake House classics


    While times are uncertain, we never fail to replicate the feeling of home regardless of where we are or what activities we do. And as we welcome more of these experiences into our homes, Pancake House makes feel-good experiences even more accessible and within reach as its timeless classics, signature promotions, and new offerings are all available for delivery at your doorstep.

    Enjoy putting together your favorite comfort food with your friends and family? Then the Make Your Own Taco Set might be the right fit for you. For PHP 459, each set contains 5 taco shells with ingredients from taco meat, grated cheddar cheese, fresh romaine lettuce strips, and signature salsa placed in separate containers.

    Feast on signature classics with the Make Your Own House Specials Set with taco, spaghetti with meat sauce and garlic bread, Classic Pan Chicken, and juice. The House Special Sets are available in bundles good for 3 and 5, starting at PHP 939.

    The Choose Any 2, an all-time favorite, value for money offering is also now available for delivery. Starting at PHP 459, choose how you want to define comfort and select among 6 different dishes: chicken tocino, 1 pc classic pan chicken & spaghetti w/ garlic bread, classic baked mac, mushroom omelet, pork tocino, and crispy chicken fillet – and top it off with a serving of juice depending on the total number of dishes you ordered.

    “While our dine-in operations have resumed, we know our customers are embracing delivery services now more than ever. As such, we’ve developed products and promotions that will help them recreate feel-good experiences, from our house into their respective homes”, shares Pancake House Senior Marketing Manager Cherry Hernandez.