Finding a shared passion for food


    FACEBOOK groups have grown to become one of the leading community-based platforms for hobbyists to get together. Foodie groups are no exception. The enhanced community quarantine has caused worries for people who normally eat out or go for delivery for their food needs, prompting them to look online to learn new dishes to break the monotony, as well as share their newest creation.

    That was the reason behind the creation of Best Recipes Manila, a new Facebook group that is the brainchild of Ronaldo Roque. “I created Best Recipes Manila on April 2, wanting to have an online community of foodies, home cooks, culinary professionals and just about anyone who want to share their best recipes so that others can enjoy them in their own homes. The ECQ had a bit of influence as most people who are stuck at home are trying to cook their own meals and are looking for good recipes,” he shared.

    Roque’s passion in the kitchen was awakened at a relatively young age. “I remember when I was 10 years old that I really loved Japanese Tamago Sushi. I researched for a recipe as the internet wasn’t readily available at that time. After cooking it, I was so happy being able to make the comfort food by myself,”

    “I started cooking in high school mainly just to survive boring weekends and summers at home wanting to snack or lunch on something not ordinary. I experimented a lot and tried to mimic my favorite dishes. Nowadays as I started to work and try to cook my own food more often, I often still try to make my comfort food and restaurant favorites,” he added.

    It was this passion that Roque wanted to share with the members of Best Recipes Manila. For Roque, the group is more than just posting the food of the day. He envisions a hub for foodies to share their recipes. “Aside from posting delicious food shots, Best Recipes Manila focuses also on Recipe Sharing whether it be heirloom recipes, food hacks or even video or web links. This group also aims to celebrate each cook’s style that makes their recipe ‘The Best’ for them,” he said.

    “It targets young and old, professional or not. When joining the group, do expect good food and some extra calories when trying out the dishes posted,” he wryly shared.