Finding a partner for funding self-growth


    ACTRESS and vlogger Alex Gonzaga-Morada has shared about the future as she enters a new chapter in her life.

    As a wife and a future mom, everything she knew, what she invested in herself and in businesses, Alex has to channel now in her new role.

    “I have to be wiser in my investments, spending money and I need to be more careful in my decisions because I no longer just have to look after just myself and my own needs,” she said, as she has a family now.”

    Alex has recently become a brand ambassador for Villarica Pawnshop, a move that she welcomed after talks with the company.

    “During my talks with them, I learned that the pawnshop industry has transformed,” she noted. It has become a way for Filipinos in areas which are not serviced by banks to have access to banking services.

    Villarica has partnered with banks to provide customers ways to get additional funding for their businesses, she said.

    Especially in this time of the pandemic, where businesses are closing, that companies are right sizing left and right, people need to adjust the way they think or else risk their future and their families.

    “After people lost their jobs due to the crisis, they start to realize that they need to invest in themselves,” Alex shared. They can start a small business and become entrepreneurs, and Villarica can help them with that.

    Alex also mentioned that some Filipinos may find it more prudent to invest in gold if they have the extra money. She added that Villarica is a good source of excellent quality gold if one has the extra funds.

    With more than 500 branches nationwide, Villarica remains to be a leading pawnshop with the highest appraisal value and a preferred money remittance and money changer outlet in the Philippines.