Find the heart of the holidays

    Finestra Holiday Feast

    Rekindle the spirit of the Yuletide season and celebrate the warmth and joy of being with loved ones at Solaire where the Heart of the Holidays is cheerful and bright.

    A hearty holiday feast at Fresh transforms this celebration into beacons of light to brighten the season. Delectable surprises and abundant international spreads from its Christmas and New Year’s Buffet selection are cooked to perfection and await to be served to your tables.

    Feast on a wide selection of seafood choices, lobsters, and freshly shucked as well as baked oysters. There’s also a foie gras and rillette station, as well as a section dedicated to an assortment of cold cuts and cheeses. Not to be missed are holiday staples such as homemade baked bone-in Christmas ham, hearty lechon, and holiday turkey.

    Finestra Italian Steakhouse’s rich festive offer highlights the best selections of creative cuisine. From honey-glazed roasted turkey with Italian sausage stuffing to Josper-grilled Australian MB9 wagyu striploin with morel mushrooms, ratatouille, celeriac mousse and asparagus, dining in Finestra is a gift in itself for every member of the family.

    Find satisfaction from servings of Red Lantern’s signature roasted duck, sautéed king prawns with Yunnan ham and beans, steamed tiger garoupa with mushrooms, shredded pork and dates, and a choice between two sweet finishers: a chilled glutinous rice ball filled with red bean paste plus deep-fried Chinese pancake with lotus paste, or a special Solaire dessert. An elevated Festive Dim Sum lunch buffet will also be offered to add to the festivities.

    Celebrate in Yakumi with the season’s freshest Japanese ingredients that come together with more vigor for the holidays.

    Waterside’s heartwarming Latin-inspired specialties create beaming smiles with its Christmas Set Menus filled with exotic flavors. Choose between three generous menus which puts its signature paellas, Cuban-style suckling pig, and Australian ribeye and Cajun grilled prawns, front and center of the night’s merriments.

    Once the evening sets, indulge in the night’s specials starting with a tapas set which includes Fin de Clair oysters and 18-month parma ham.

    A new addition to the restaurant’s Festive feasts is a Vegetarian menu that will give guests a surprise.

    Solaire’s Christmas hampers also make a great addition to the holiday feasts, and decoration on your tables with fine wines and condiments, and exquisite desserts.