Filipino iconographies featured in two one-man shows


    For “Modern Parlance”, the artworks presented by Angelito Antonio differ from the paintings that the artist has come to be known for. They have become freer, more contemporary, less inhibited and more exciting in style. Antonio was inspired by the new-found significance of life he saw and experienced after several bouts with health issues. He has then translated these into colorful expressions of uniquely Antonio renderings. These unique compositions teem with frontally-oriented figures, courageously and artistically disregarding scale and proportion.

    Featured too in this exceptional exhibit aside from important canvas works are several of the artist’s works on paper, which he considers a fundamental part of his physical recovery.

    Albao’s Dreams of life
    Albao’s Dreams of life

    Everyday events and moments are depicted in planes of bold, layered strokes that evoke what he expresses as the fullness of his life he feels as an artist. Cheerfully describing his artistic process for “Modern Parlance”, Antonio narrates that he has his own “internal interpretation” of the series; but interestingly leaves the works open to a thousand-fold readings and interpretations. Restricting the imagination of the audience is something he as an artist does not want to do.

    Antonio is one of the last few living modernist masters of Philippine Art and having this exhibition is indeed a rare and honored opportunity, says Jack Teotico, Managing Director of Galerie Joaquin. The artist’s works, due to its formative cubism, has drawn parallels to those of National Artist Vicente Manansala, who was his composition professor at the University of Santo Tomas. What he has done for “Modern Parlance” is take his fifty-five years of experience as a visual artist to revisit old themes (such as vendors, cock fighters, and mother and child motifs) and offer a fresh take on these subjects. ]

    Antonio’s Loyalty
    Antonio’s Loyalty

    Also at the Podium Mall but at Galerie Joaquin (3rd Level, The Podium), Joseph Albao’s works for “Ethereal Heritage” depicting the simple and genteel Filipino way of life will be on exhibit. Albao’s subjects and characters are lifted from the paintings of his inspirations namely National Artist Fernando Amorsolo and Botong Francisco. Albao’s works command an air of quiet respect, exuding strength of character, and beauty. The artist successfully challenges the viewers to rethink of their Filipino heritage and culture at this modern, fast-paced present age. With the advent of social media, technical development and massive globalization, it is his advocacy to uphold the basic values and customs of our people.

    Albao approaches his work with a mindset of unconstrained imagination, free of preconceived boundaries and conventional rules. His paintings of Filipino motifs and local iconography depict free-flowing movement captured in his brushed of palette.

    “Modern Parlance” by Angelito Antonio will be on view at Art Lounge Podium from October 11 to 25, 2019. “Ethereal Heritage” on the other hand, by Joseph Albao, will be on view at Galerie Joaquin Podium from October 16 to 26, 2019.

    Art Lounge is located on the ground level of The Podium, ADB Avenue, Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong City while Galerie Joaquin Podium is located on the 3rd level of The Podium Mall, ADB Avenue, Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong City.