Festive holidays with Vidro


    THERE is no better way to celebrate the holidays than with Vidro.

    With their online anniversary sale coming up, festive table settings are so much easier to prepare.

    A selection of Vidro glass can set the mood for a party and spark conversations among guests and family. There is nothing as bright as the Filipino Christmas get – together. But how do you pull everything together in a creative way that does not feel clichéd?

    From merienda to Noche Buena or just dinner, there are so many opportunities to create beautiful tables with the colors of Vidro glassware.

    Bright, bold colors in glassware, plates, pitchers and decanters will bring on holiday cheer with Portuguese classic diamond bicos.

    Nothing speaks louder in a setting of a Filipino celebration than the clinking of glasses, and the arrangement of platters — that the right dinnerware can influence the mood at the table.

    The selection available online at www.vidro.com.ph provide the opportunity to stock up on great serving pieces.

    Vidro provides a robust glassware selection that is functional, beautiful, and speak about the host.

    Vidro can be used every day, and so why not make everyday a holiday!