Eyewear brand takes care of your eyes in style


    Now that 2020 is in full swing, how are you doing with your New Year resolutions so far?

    It’s never too late to set them if you haven’t yet. You can start with something small and doable, like being more consistent in exercising or wearing sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun. The last one is particularly important, especially since some people may overlook taking care of their eyesight. There’s no better time to start being mindful of your eyes than now.

    Now that Sarabia Optical has brought Polar to the Philippines, you can take care of your eyes in style. Italian eyewear Polar goes beyond your usual pair by giving you high definition vision.

    Polar lenses make sure that you have the perfect amount of contrast, accurate detail perception, and better depth perception no matter where you are.

    The technology found in each Polar pair doesn’t stop with Super Polarized lenses. Polar lenses also have an anti-scratch coating as well as oil and water-resistant coating to enhance your pair’s durability.

    This makes Polar the perfect companion for your outdoor adventures. It protects and enhances your vision no matter what you’re doing — be it enjoying a day at the beach, playing your favorite sport, or while driving on road trips, or even just around the city.

    Polar is a statement piece. Their frames and lenses come in different tints and colors, letting you decide how you want to express yourself. They also have bold frame shapes and sizes – from the famous aviators and the classic cat-eye to eccentric hexagons – that cater to different personalities. These specs and sunglasses mirror your character. Whatever your style, whatever your mood, there’s a Polar frame for you.