Expanded offering for small beverage businesses


    Whether it is a cup of hot or iced coffee, milk tea, chocolate, or even a smoothie, the demand for that everyday indulgence in a cup has resulted in the growth of beverage businesses in the Philippines. However, with COVID-19 and its resulting radical impact on the sector, beverage business owners are also being challenged to up their game and adapt to changing consumer behaviors both now and in a post-COVID world.

    A familiar brand name among beverage businesses all over the Philippines, Kievit has a comprehensive range of beverage and toppers including the Kievit Instant Milk Cap Powder and bestsellers Vana Blanca 35C and Vana Cerea 32A.

    Kievit Instant Milk Cap Powder allows you to top or layer almost any kind of drink or dessert. The finished product is a delectably creamy layer or topping that can retain its form for hours, making it ideal even for takeaway and delivery orders.

    Vana Blanca 35C is an all-purpose creamer that delivers enhanced taste and textural properties including a smooth and creamy mouthfeel, good solubility, and an excellent thickening and whitening effect.  Meanhwile, Vana Cerea 32A is a creamer specially developed for milk tea. It complements and heightens the full flavors and aromatic notes of brewed tea.

    In line with providing customers with tailored solutions to better address their individual business needs, Kievit recenty created new 1kg SKUs for Vana Blanca 35C and Vana Cerea 32A. The smaller packaging size was specially developed to help business owners increase operational and cost efficiency through improved food safety and handling, quality assurance and inventory management

    With its long track record of working closely with the world’s leading F&B brands to create offerings that enrich and enhance the experience of the everyday consumer, business owners in the Philippines can look forward to more opportunities to grow their businesses and innovate together with Kievit.

    “We’re excited to expand our offerings in the Philippines and work hand in hand with our customers to explore new possibilities and develop creative concepts that will help them stay at the forefront of the latest industry trends. We are confident that the versatility and convenience of our products are the value adds needed for our customers to increase efficiency in their operations and drive growth for their businesses, regardless of the challenges facing the market today,” said Tracy Joy D. Fortu, APAC Business Development Lead for Kievit.