Every stride will change your running game


    THERE’S no stopping adidas from churning out an exciting line-up of new releases, and their latest drop proves that they are capable of producing the perfect pair for anyone wanting to live a life of high energy. The updated silhouette features a combination of a refreshed design and the latest adidas performance technology, Ultraboost 21 is set to win the hearts of runners, both pros and newbies, as it brings more fun and comfort to your running experience.

    The past year has been a reminder for everyone to take a step back and pay attention to our lifestyle choices. And with exercise serving benefits for both our physical and mental health, no wonder more and more people have been more motivated to stay active and even take an interest in running – and nothing beats a perfect pair of running shoes like Ultraboost 21 to keep you motivated, energized, and run faster.

    The highlight of the development of Ultraboost 21 focuses on the redesign of the shoe’s torsion system. With the new adidas LEP (Linear Energy Push), it provides a 15% increase in forefoot bending stiffness so every stride is more responsive. This also works alongside adidas’ midsole BOOST technology, which packs 6% more “boost.” The exaggerated heel curve provides runners with remarkable energy return and comfort in every step.

    And while running is an individual sport, the running community is a very social group. If you want to be surrounded by like-minded people whose passion for running can help you move forward, time to join the adidas Runners Manila.

    With adidas Runners Manila, you can share your milestones, ask for expert coaching, or connect with runners and help push yourself to new personal bests. It’s basically a fun, go-to space to get inspired with your goals.

    The live sessions include activities like strength training, HIIT, yoga, mobility, mindfulness, and nutrition led by adidas Runners captains and coaches, and even some guest athletes too

    Every journey starts with just one step. Even making that first step is something to be celebrated.