A modern man’s grooming routine


    Whatever the situation, we always have to give our best and be at our best – whether at home or at work, for our loved ones or the people around us. But in order to be at our best, we first need to feel our best.

    That is why, choosing the right grooming products is key to ensuring that we get that boost of confidence to exude our best self. After all, no man feels good when he becomes sweaty and oily, minutes from stepping out of the shower.

    Nivea Men hopes to address this by developing the new Nivea Men Deep Range. It is a complete grooming system that is powered by black charcoal, a powerful anti-bacterial agent that provides deep cleansing and protection.

    Bannering the range is the deodorant, which provides perfume-like fragrance that has been proven to last long. It gives anti-bacterial protection and prevents underarm sweat and odor up to 48 hours.

    It comes in three fragrances: Original that features a masculine and elegant dark wood scent; Espresso is a mix of espresso ristretto and cedar scents; and Amazonia combines clary sage and ginger oil. All deodorants are available in 150ml spray and 50ml roll-on formats.

    The face wash deeply cleanses skin, clearing away impurities while providing 12-hour oil control and a cooling sensation. It refreshes, brightens, and protects skin from drying out. It is available in a 100g tube.

    Meanwhile, shower gel thoroughly cleanses your body with microfine clay that also protects the skin from drying out. Its deep cleansing properties leave a feeling of freshness down to the pore. It is available in a 250ml bottle.

    Finally, a grooming routine won’t be complete without a tried-and-tested moisturizer. Used in both the face and body, crème provides a boost of hydration and prevents the skin from drying out.