Ensuring mental wellness during ECQ


    THE COVID-19 pandemic has caused so much fear and anxiety, because of uncertainties that can be overwhelming, causing strong emotions among adults and children alike.  Indeed, this is a stressful period that could put mental health at risk.

    Many of us worry about our own health and those of our loved ones which could affect our sleeping pattern, or worsen some chronic health problems. Some might feel isolated, especially if they’re living alone, away from family and friends. This can lead to mental stress, or worse, cause some to turn to vices like drinking alcohol, smoking, or even illegal substances.

    First of all, we need to recognize that we’re going through tremendous stress these days before we can begin to learn how to cope with the current situation. Secondly, there are changes we must welcome in our lives as we deal with the new realities under quarantine.

    Take care of your body. Feeling good physically can help us feel better emotionally. Since we are asked to stay home, we should make the best out of the situation and take extra care of our physical health. Now, is the time to learn and try new and healthier recipes, loading up our diet with fresh produce such as fruits and vegetables to strengthen our immune system, set a daily exercise routine, and get plenty of sleep.

    Make time to unwind. Doing chores around the clock may keep us busy, but we also need to slow down and devote some time to unwind and relax. Go back to the activities we enjoy, or discover new ones. We can also play with your pets, or start a mini garden. To keep calm and collected, we can have a coffee break, or tea time while watching the sun sets.  If we’re into it, we can do some meditation, taking deep breaths and be grateful for our situation.

    Seek comfort from others. Take a break from watching, reading, listening to the latest news about the pandemic, including social media. While we do need to keep abreast of the developments, these can be upsetting, so regulate how much information we can handle. To help gain attention over your concerns and process emotions, we can try reaching out and talking to friends and loved ones often. Calling them, or making use of the available apps online to communicate with people care for and who care for us. We can also connect with a spiritual adviser, or join the prayer groups online for our peace of mind and heart. Social distancing may be daunting, but it should not stop us from practicing social solidarity during these difficult times.

    Lastly, we should seek professional help if when experiencing increased amount of distress. There are consultations available online for mental health.

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