Enderun launches new degree programs


    Living spaces are one of the most important aspects of one’s daily life. The evolution of Architecture and Interior Design have allowed people to have more enjoyable living spaces and uplifted the quality of life for everyone.

    Enderun Colleges hopes to equip future architects and interior designers with up-to-date skillsets that take advantage of technological advances and design trends with the launch of its newest undergraduate degree programs – Bachelor of Science in Architecture and Bachelor of Science in Interior Design.

    “There are already many good schools for architecture and interior design. What Enderun hopes to do and to contribute to this space is a systematic process of thought leadership.

    We want to ask questions and propose answers to both the why and the how of architecture and design. Both the purpose and the craft, the profession and the industry.

    We think such provocative thinking will be developmental for the future of architecture and design if achieved through a closer partnership between academia and practitioners,” Edgardo Rodriguez, Enderun Colleges president, said.

    It aims to teach students solid technical abilities, relevant knowledge in sustainability and technology, creative skills, and practical application that the industry demands while strengthening their communication, critical thinking, and management skills so they turn out to be entrepreneurial, competitive, and visionary practitioners.

    These new programs were the result of years-long discussions between Rodriguez and noted urban planner Felix “Jun” Palafox.

    “Enderun’s launching of its new College of Architecture and Design was in the works for over 4 years. Initially, it was guided by Architect Jun Palafox’s firm arguments for community-based urban planning. The strategy for a new academic program became clear.

    We are happy, relieved, and excited to finally announce our new college,” Rodriguez shared.

    “The pandemic has made this launching more difficult but perhaps it is also the right time to launch. Because the underlying theme of the new college’s focus is moving out of architecture and design’s comfort zones into new urgent realities and challenges – of resilience, the 4th industrial revolution, climate change, and innovation,” he added.

    To ensure that its students would be getting the best education in the new college, the school formed an advisory board composed of preeminent figures in architecture and interior design. Architect Gelo Mañosa, Architect Jojo Tolentino and Interior Designer Chat Fores and Architect Palafox were tapped to be the members of the board with Palafox serving as the chairman.

    The board will help Enderun on strategic developments and key evolutionary trends in global architecture and design, so that the curricula stay industry-relevant and future-driven. They also commit to mentorship and guest lectures, as well as open up internship and job placement opportunities to students.

    The new college is now accepting student applications for the school year 2020-21, with classes set to begin in September. Enderun Colleges is also offering a range of merit scholarships and financial aid for qualified senior high school students.