Elevating efforts in diabetes care


    For a patient with diabetes, it is extra challenging to live a normal daily life because of serious health risks and considerations. Diabetics are at risk of developing acute and long-term complications affecting the nerves, eyes, heart, and kidneys. They also have a higher risk of developing infections.

    Recognizing that diabetes is an alarming epidemic in the country, Mercury Drug Corporation collaborates with the Philippine Society for Endocrinology, Diabetes, and Metabolism (PSEDM), Philippine Pharmacy Association (PPhA), and MSD in the Philippines to elevate efforts in providing quality diabetes care for Filipino patients.

    Knowing that the number of Filipinos being diagnosed with diabetes is growing, Mercury Drug boosts its services through the Get Well at Mercury Drug Diabetes Care specialty corners. “On our 75th anniversary, we are happy to announce that we now have 29 diabetes care specialty corners nationwide–11 in Metro Manila, 2 in Luzon, 9 in Visayas, and 7 in Mindanao. We plan to open more of these specialty corners in order to reach more Filipino patients,” shared Mrs. Cristina Dalisay-Vetus, Director at Mercury Drug Corporate Pharmacy Affairs Group.

    A first in the retail pharmacy industry, these diabetes specialty corners, found at select Mercury Drug branches, aim to provide convenience for customers by offering a complete assortment of products needed by diabetics, and in-store patient counseling by trained pharmacists.

    “Pharmacists interact with patients on a regular basis. They have an integral role in advising patients about the safety and efficacy of their medications. We collaborated with expert endocrinologists for the training and upskilling of our pharmacists because we want to equip them with updated knowledge and tools to address our suki’s commonly asked questions about diabetes,” said Mr. Steven Que Azcona, Assistant to the President of Mercury Drug Corporation.

    “Awareness is key in fighting diabetes. Without proper information, people might keep ignoring the severity of this chronic illness,” said Azcona. “We pursue these diabetes care and awareness initiatives because for 75 years and beyond, we are committed to serving our suki’s in a relatable and understanding manner through our patient-centered programs.”

    By setting up and expanding the reach of their Get Well at Mercury Drug Diabetes Care program, training pharmacists as diabetes care counselors, and pursuing public education campaigns, Mercury Drug Corporation strengthens its efforts in elevating diabetes care in the Philippines.