Dreaming big with The Body Shop and The Yellow Boat of Hope


    The Body Shop Philippines recently helped children from Maluso, Basilan dream big by turning over 100% net proceeds of every purchase of Moringa Shower Gel 250ml for a whole month to the Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation to fund boats for the children to go to school.

    In the Philippines, children face difficult challenges just to be able to go to school. Some children even have to swim to school with their school bags and uniforms getting wet in the process. And some of them don’t even have the option to swim as they live in remote areas or far flung islands with no nearby school, or they are forced to work to help their families survive.

    The Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation, which started when it was found out that there are children in Layag-Layg, Zamboanga City who have to swim to school. Today, as a 100% volunteer driven foundation, it works to improve children’s access to education and make it easier for them to go to school and stay in school. They provide them Yellow School boats and other modes of transport and structures such as bridges and dormitories, to help struggling children go to school.

    The Body Shop x Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation is one of the many advocacies of The Body Shop Philippines.