Dragonpay and Oro China share online selling tips for starters


    Dragonpay, a pioneer and market leader in alternative payment solutions in the Philippines, has partnered up with the Cebu-based jewelry brand Oro China Jewelry to give advice to Filipinos wanting to develop their craft in e-commerce.

    Being in the business for over 50 years, Oro China Jewelry found their new success by expanding their brand online, at one point skyrocketing their monthly online sales to 7 figures. However, transitioning from a physical store to eventually, an online store in their website, have its own challenges. “We decided that we wanted to be a pioneer in the jewelry e-commerce industry,” Oro China Jewelry Marketing Manager Jewel Jalandoni said.

    “Real gold jewelry is tricky to sell online because of its value. We analyzed our online market’s interests first so we know what kind of items we can sell online.”

    Here are Oro China’s useful tips for Filipino e-commerce starters:

    The customer comes first. As a provider of goods and/ or services, you must show high priority for customer satisfaction. Offer the best experience for them. You will be surprised to see them come back for more.

    Make sure to put some thought on your posts. Marketing is an essential element in getting your company name out there, but the process in doing so requires a lot of creative juices, and most importantly, positioning your brand as a credible one. Double check your social media posts and do another round of proof-checking.

    Engage your audience. Listen to what they want. Listen harder to what they don’t want.

    Oro China has always put communication as a valuable rule of thumb in its processes. With this, you will have the chance to learn what you need to improve on your operation and offerings.

    If your first campaign flops, it’s okay.The first few times are the best times to fail since you are still testing the waters with your audience. Every business, including Dragonpay and Oro China, have their failures at the start. But failures should not mean a discouragement, but an opportunity for development.

    Keep your goal in mind. Everything you do in your business should be done to reach that goal. You can expand your horizons, but always remember to stay focused on what you are aiming for in the first place.

    Most importantly, be consistent. After running a couple of experiments, develop a strategic digital marketing plan and follow through in everything. On top of that, take care of your customers as they take care of the business. Sometimes, consistency in terms of quality of work trumps everything.

    Oro China uses Dragonpay as one of their payment platforms for online transactions. With this, customers of Oro China can pay their orders through thousands of Dragonpay’s partner merchants across the country.