Doug Kramer eyes a better and healthier lifestyle with MD+ Clinic

    It’s never too late to place health at the top of our priority list, especially now given the state we’re in. Take it from recently retired basketball player Doug Kramer whose mild stroke late November last year turned into a life lesson for him and his family.
    “I had a health scare about four years ago and you know, I took a step back,” shares Doug. “Ever since, I made sure to take extra steps in caring for my health and body by staying fit, eating healthy, and having regular check-ups because I want to make sure that in the future, I’ll be able to avoid problems like that and MD+ has been helpful in keeping mine, and my family’s healthy lifestyle.”
    MD+ Clinic and Diagnostic Center provides a variety of quality outpatient medical services like imaging studies, vaccinations, ECG, OB-GYNE ultrasound, among many others. The health clinic uses brand new, high quality medical equipment similar to what hospitals have, which makes for a more convenient and accessible option for individuals much like the Kramer family.
    Being physically active and health-conscious are not enough to guarantee a healthy life. According to the father of 3, regular medical checkups and visits to the doctor have found its way to their ‘health is wealth’ journey, together with proper exercises, improved sleeping habits, eating balanced meals, and taking necessary vitamins.
    While Doug’s health scare greatly affected him and his family, it also served as a learning curve for his beloved sport and on the PBA to require 2D-Echo tests in players’ physical check-ups. “I thought I was doing great. I constantly worked out, I paid attention to my fitness, and I was very physically active because of basketball,” says Doug. “But without the proper and regular medical check-ups, you can really never call yourself healthy.”
    MD+ Clinic in Alabang and BGC are open and accepting patients. Booking an appointment is highly encouraged to avoid overcrowding. For those who choose to stay home, MD+ is offering online consultations and home medical services.