Double the treats

    USDA Tenderloin

    Solaire Resort and Casino has prepared a gastronomic treat for diners who wish to celebrate Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day.

    The flavors of Red Lantern envelope the special Chinese New Year a la carte menu that boasts the spirit of good fortune.

    Traditional Steamed Chicken with Eight Treasures Wrapped in Lotus Leaf, Yu Sheng Toss, Suckling Pig

    The abundant Red Lantern Treasure Pot features servings of stir-fried prawns and scallops with asparagus lily bulbs and wolfberries; or bites of stewed pork knuckle with black moss and prosperity oyster in oyster sauce.

    As tradition holds, an abundant Prosperity Yu Sheng with smoked salmon also needs to be present in the celebratory feast. Choose from four dedicated set menus that bring a sense of good fortune with rich and perfectly made Chinese delicacies.

    Another restaurant favorite, the Eat-All-You-Can menu will tell a story of abundance from February 12 to 14 with a generous list of favorites plus a complimentary Yu Sheng Toss that will ring in a lucky year ahead.

    Guests can also enjoy House of Zhou’s themed menu for Chinese New Year as well as other savory comfort bites.

    Yu Sheng Toss

    Solaire’s Chinese New Year hampers unravel a variety of grand indulgences and are great additions that bear good energy inspired by the new lunar moon.

    At the same time, the resort prepared luxe Valentine’s Day menus that genuinely showcase the lingering desires of the soul.

    Bask in Finestra’s superb five-course lunch and dinner menus while being serenaded by the night’s live entertainment.

    Yakumi will enchant the imagination with creative masterpieces that express authenticity and gentleness.

    Waterside’s themed set menus will ignite passions with its heated flavors from Latin inspirations.

    Kickstart a love affair with Oriental culinary charms at Red Lantern.

    Fresh also offers extraordinary options of seafood, assortment of desserts, and selections of cuisines from East to West that will be the occasion’s ultimate indulgence.