Dimples challenges holiday celebrants to level up with CDO Premium Holiday Ham


    THE cool breeze, the twinkling lights, the colorful gifts at the boutique stores remind Filipinos that Christmas is near.

    Preparations for Noche Buena are on full blast with thoughts of creating the most perfect memories and serving the best during the season of love and joy.

    For actress Dimples Romana, the new brand ambassador of CDO Premium Holiday Ham, Noche Buena and ham come hand-in-hand when it comes to creating memories during Christmas festivities.

    “Hindi buo ang Christmas dinner naming kapag wala ang CDO Premium Holiday Ham. Yung salo-salo at samasama kayo magdasal at kumain. Part na rin talaga ng celebration to have that ham on the table,” she says.

    It is family tradition that Dimples grew up with and something that she continues to celebrate as a wife and mother of two. Her social media posts show her whole family-the Romanas and the Ahmees-celebrating together at home during Noche Buena.

    “We make it a point that no matter how busy we are, we celebrate together, she says.
    This year, they celebrate with the theme, “Minsan Pinoy, minsan Spanish, pero ang hindi nababago, yung CDO Premium Holiday Ham.”

    “Favorite siya, no matter what theme we have for Christmas,” she says.

    More than a celebrity endorser, Dimples is choosy about what she gives her family. The delicious smoky flavor with pineapple sweetness of CDO Premium Holiday Ham fits her choice because it is made from tender pork pigue—the finest cut in making a ham that has absolutely no extenders.

    It is guaranteed ASF-safe, as the pork was carefully sourced from credible suppliers.

    As someone who knows her way around the kitchen, Dimples is excited by how CDO Premium Holiday Ham has leveled up the pineapple flavor with more pineapple glaze.

    “You don’t need to bother boiling CDO Premium Holiday Ham in pineapple juice as it has already been cooked in the sweet indulgence of pineapple,” she says.

    Recognized recently as one of the best by the Asian Academy Creative Awards for her role as Daniel in Kadenang Ginto, Dimples says she got excited about shooting CDO Premium Holiday Ham.

    “Siyempre, ang pinakaunang tinanong ko, meron po bang CDO Premium Holiday Ham sa TVC shoot? Ha ha ha! Naghanap talaga ‘ko,” she says.

    Dimples, a certified foodie, says, “Hindi ko alam if it’s the Kapampangan in me. Bukod sa masarap akong magluto, masarap din akong kumain.”

    “Iba kasi kapag ine-enjoy mo talaga. It shows how passionate you are about things, not only for food but for life. Alam mong ine-enjoy mo ang buhay mo at kumakain ka ng gusto mong kainin at nasi-share mo sa pamilya mo,” Dimples says.

    That’s Dimples Romana-a talented actress who only wants the bets for her career and for her family.

    As the new face for CDO Premium Holiday Ham, she sums up what makes the brand a stand-out favorite and levels up the Noche Buena table.

    It’s a quality product that was created from the heart by CDO Foodsphere, Inc. to be shared with family and loved ones. It’s quality is simply the best.