Digitally-improved people processing


    GLOBAL business process outsourcing company SITEL has partnered with pre-employment assessment platform Harver to revamp its hiring process with data-driven software.

    This digital transformation allows the company’s recruitment teams to gather and utilize data remotely and effectively so as to improve the candidate journey and the hiring process.

    Ravi Iyengar, chief operating officer for Sitel Philippines, India, Australia, and New Zealand, said the company has been innovating digital solutions for a while now and talent acquisition is a key area of importance for the business.

    “Previously, candidates would apply in-center through a series of recruitment requirements that could take an entire day,” Iyengar added, which was not sustainable, and the candidate journey needed to be improved.

    “We also wanted to beef up the digital solutions for our recruitment team as well and allow them to work more efficiently,” he stressed.

    The company’s desire to implement more effective virtual recruitment processes was given an added push when the public health crisis hit. In the last few months, it implemented online/virtual recruitment tools which efficiently boosted its hiring and onboarding rate despite the pandemic.

    The recruitment software digitized the application process, allowing aspiring applicants to virtually apply and submit all the information needed, as well as undergo all required screenings.

    While the applicant is going through the process, the software is simultaneously aggregating all the pertinent data and forwarding the information to appropriate funnels, providing the recruitment associates with the key performance indicators for each applicant.

    The efficient method of collecting and sorting data allows the talent acquisition team to be agile and make quick decisions during the hiring process.

    Haidee Enriquez, chief people officer for Sitel Philippines, Australia, and New Zealand, said the company is continuously looking for ways to improve its people processes.

    Digitizing and utilizing data-driven software, Enriquez added, allows to collect all the important insights needed to help the company’s human resource professionals meet their recruitment goals and find the best candidates.