Declutter and invite positive energies into your home

    Sara Black, Meditation coach and certified yoga instructor at the successfully held Healthy Home Makeover workshop.
    Sara Black, Meditation coach and certified yoga instructor at the successfully held Healthy Home Makeover workshop.

    A home full of clutter can trigger stress and anxiety. The first quarter of the year is an ideal time to invite new energies not only in our bodies but into our homes. That is one of the takeaway messages from a workshop organized by Healthy Options, “Healthy Home Makeover,” featuring certified yoga instructor and meditation coach Sara Black.

    Black cited that accumulating too much clutter comes with many drawbacks, including draining energy, and negatively affecting both physical and mental health. Items gathering dust in one’s home may trigger ailments. If people hold on to many stuff they cannot use anymore because they worry they may still need them may possibly be overanxious. The trick is to take small steps when trying to eliminate or prevent further clutter, clear muddled thoughts, and adopt a mindset of minimalism.

    After trying a guided Himalayan breathe work techniques, participants were given the opportunity to mix essential oils and create a home air purifier and as a customized relaxation roller.

    It is crucial for natural cleaning solutions to be made part of an efficient system of organizing and cleaning. Opting for plant-based household cleansers or homemade cleaning solutions will not irritate skin nor harm the planet. Among the premium quality brands of essential oils that are available at Healthy Options are Aura Cacia and Scentuals. Cruelty-free, biodegradable and with 100 percent natural ingredients, the Scentuals essential oils starter kit is a perfect blend of versatile 100% pure essential oils that help promote overall well-being.

    To bring positive energies into one’s home, bring nature in (incorporate house plants like lucky bamboo, money plant, Peace lily, and so on.)

    Add some color using fresh, non-toxic paint; and pick an upbeat essential oil like rosemary, lavender, rosemary or tangerine and place a few drops into a diffuser.

    Pure essential oils are non-toxic, customizable, and safe. They can help make a room smell fresh, seem brighter and more cheery, and also perk up moods for hours on end.

    Naturally formulated products play a big role in a healthy home makeover. For natural home cleaning solutions and other product finds, the go-to place is Healthy Options, which has stores all over Metro Manila and key cities nationwide.