Dealing with the new normal


    While we anticipate the lifting of the enhanced community quarantine in the coming days, let’s prepare ourselves for the new practices we need to strictly adopt when we head out.

    Practice Personal Care and Hygiene. Prevention is key to keeping our bodies free of the virus. Wearing a mask is now a must when going out, whether to work or on some errand run for essentials such as food, medicine, personal care, or household maintenance. Cashless transactions are highly encouraged. In addition, it is best to have a small bottle of alcohol in your bag along with your valuables and identification cards. Upon returning home, do not forget to wash your hands, or better yet, shower and throw your outside clothes in the washer immediately. If you drive a car, make it a habit to disinfect your vehicle as well.

    Observe physical distancing.  When walking down the street, lining up to get a ride, or even when driving to and from work, always observe and follow the guidelines of physical distancing. This is the time when we need to take care of our own safety and of others who have been brave enough to come out of their homes to fulfill their roles in society. Be kind enough to respect personal space. In turn, remind others to respect your space in a kind and respectful manner.

    Being on the side of caution, defer meet ups, or any social gathering. While we cherish connecting with our friends and colleagues, it is best to postpone social engagements, and minimize physical contact for now. Discover new ways to connect through phone calls, and social media accounts.

    Even at work, following the instructions of the Safety Officer, physical distancing should be maintained. Keep your working space clean and disinfected, and with enough distance from your office mate’s. You are also expected to wear your mask inside the office and disinfect your desk, phone and computer devices. Keep meetings and conferences to a minimum and avoid sharing meals with officemates. Whenever possible, encourage a work at home set up and keep a skeletal force for operations.

    Keep your immunity up. Whether you are staying at home or not, always maintain your body’s health and boost your immune system as our first line of defense. Choose a balanced meal, keep a daily exercise routine, and make sure to get enough sleep. We are facing challenging times, but you can always choose to be grateful and positive. Whenever you’re feeling overwhelmed, always seek the support and audience from your family and close friends. Learn to manage your expectations and quickly adapt to the changes brought by the “new normal” as part of our daily lives.

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