Dancing the blues away

    Dance Instructor Danny Vinculado
    Dance Instructor Danny Vinculado

    Dancing is a universal joy. Moving one’s body to the beat exercise both the body and the mind. And while aging might start affecting the body, it shouldn’t be a hurdle for expressing the of dance. This has led to the growth of chair dancing.

    Chair Dancing is done seated in one’s very own chair using wide movements for both upper and lower limbs and stretching those tight shoulders and upper body, moving to the tunes of golden music of yester-years. It is a low-impact exercise that will help improve their memory functions, enhance body movement, correct posture, aside from it being a cardio work-out.

    Chair dancing is back at the Sunshine Place, this time online, with dance instructor Danny Vinculado. Following health protocols mandated by government to contain the spread of COVID-19, students will learn chair dancing via Zoom.

    Dance instructor Danny Vinculado has been working with Sunshine Place for more than five years on developing elderly-age appropriate dances such as Yeba-Indak, Chair Dancing and Tap Dancing. A renowned choreographer, he started dancing at a young age and pursued dance lessons in Ballet, Jazz, Folk and Contemporary in the country and abroad.

    As in the previous classes, many chair dancing students belong to the older adults who during these trying times are at risk for severe illness from COVID-19. They need to boost their immune system not only through proper diet but also through regular exercise. Chair dancing is one such exercise that will benefit them.

    While it is especially designed for ‘super seniors’, those in wheels, walkers, hip and lower leg injury or medical procedures, even active seniors and non-seniors are welcome to join the classes. Online class schedules are from 10-11 a.m. Monday, Thursday and Saturday.

    Sunshine Place staff provides free remote tech-setup training to both senior, helper, caregiver/nurse. Guardians are encouraged to join so they both monitor the senior as well as benefit from the class themselves.