Cookies worth sharing this Christmas


    ENTREPRENEUR Kirk Steven Ngo whips up freshly-baked, not-too-sweet cookies and other treats which serve not only as a great addition to customers’ holiday cookie plate but are also a perfect nod to hot Christmas beverages.

    Ngo’s cookies that never disappoint have a tasty balance and are delightfully chewy as well as chunky. The butter and cookie dough tastes good, the sugar is just right, the salt in the sweets makes them savory, the dark chocolate gives a hint of bitterness, and the walnuts proffer crunchiness.

    He follows the Singaporean guidelines in the process of perfecting his delicious masterpieces, which were described as “just perfect” when sampled by his twin brother’s Singaporean girlfriend.

    The research and development chef improves products based on science, ensuring that his cookies would taste irresistibly good when consumed either in whole or shards.

    Ngo’s customer profiles are those who are willing to share good food, spend a little bit more for quality as well as brag about the practically perfect treat they share with loved ones.

    For a melt in the mouth experience, let the cookies stay in the chiller, and get comforted with every bite.

    Ngo has many overseas Filipino clients who send boxes of cookies to their loved ones amid the pandemic. He believes his products are a cut above the rest because they underwent careful research for a year.

    He has been working in the food industry for a decade and has friends and platforms that can help him get the best-quality local ingredients. He plans to target local suppliers such as those who provide him with the Batangas-sourced tablea for his brownies and butter for his cookies.

    As an entrepreneur, he underscored the importance of having a backup plan for when the market suddenly shifts. He said it is still worthy to invest in an industry affected by the public health crisis “only if you are confident with your product.”

    Fet Boys was born as the twin brothers love to eat, especially cookies. Ngo makes his own cookies which are available in regular and hand sizes.

    For the holidays, the store has special bulk price discounts for gifts and giveaways.

    It offers a minimum of 10 boxes in any flavor combination: a box of six regular cookies; a box of 12 regular cookies; a Christmas box of three giant and three regular cookies; a box of four giant cookies; an all-in-one box of four plain brownies, four regular too much chocolate chip and four regular coffee butterscotch cookies; and a box of six giant cookies.
    Fet Boys takes cookie orders via

    One of Ngo’s goals is to open a cafe with a roof deck, located outside Metro Manila. He is eyeing Tagaytay for its prime view and Zambales which is an up-and-coming destination.

    Once it has its brick-and-mortar store, Fet Boys will release a good lineup of savory items other than the best-selling cookies.