Conquer red days with GynePro


    When it comes to what women can and can’t do, there’s always the unfair expectation that women are supposed to act in the way traditional society wants them to. But for an empowered woman who knows her worth, she demands nothing but the best no matter what situation she finds herself in.

    GynePro sides with women that don’t want to worry about conforming to the status quo, and helps them conquer red days by not letting them worry about common red day threats. The Feminine Wash for Red Days gives tri-power protection that conquers red day odor, itch, and irritation. It’s superior formulation, specially formulated with Chlorhexidine digluconate, is proven to give 2X better bacteria killing action versus other feminine wash brands. GynePro is best used during red days, twice a day in the morning and evening. During non-red days, GynePro can be used three times a week for protection or as a cleansing wash before and after sexual intercourse.

    Don’t let periods boss you around. #ConquerRedDays with GynePro, the feminine wash for red days!

    GynePro is available in all leading drugstores and supermarkets and online via Lazada.