Cleaning clothes thoroughly


    ONE of the top priorities at home is to keep ourselves and everything else as sanitized as possible. Staying clean is important; especially as different kinds of microbes survive in clothes. When going out, it’s almost impossible to be certain of the people or surfaces we come into contact with.

    To be on the safer side, use gloves when doing the laundry and follow each of the item’s washing instructions. Also, be sure to wash newly purchased clothes before using since in-store clothes have gone through many hands and might have even been tried on by a complete stranger.

    It is better to leave ample space inside the washer as the detergent needs room to circulate through the clothes. Overloading a washer can result in clothes that aren’t thoroughly washed and sanitized. Also, segregating clothes by color, fabric, and overall weight is key to a good wash cycle. Mixing a heavy knitted cardigan along with a thin cotton t-shirt isn’t ideal as these two need different times in the washer.

    These precautions work in tandem with a good washing machine to keep clothes clean. Today’s washing machines do more than just simply washing and drying clothes. It’s important to know a machine’s extra features as it might help in sanitizing and disinfecting clothes and other fabrics much better.

    For example, Samsung Digital Appliances’ Front Load Washer has an Air Wash System that deodorizes and sanitizes clothes and bedding. With the help of hot air reaching up to 80°C blown onto the clothes, 99.9% of bacteria and allergens, along with unpleasant odors, are removed without chemical use.

    Just as clothes should be cleaned after before and after use, also make sure to sanitize where the clothes, both dirty and clean, are being stored. If possible, opt to use a mat or liner that is either disposable or can be laundered to limit the exposure of clothes to different surfaces.

    Samsung’ Digital Appliances’ washing machines also have EcoDrumClean+ which ensures 95 percent removal of the unit’s drum contamination. Through a combination of powerful water jet streams and high-speed spinning, it keeps the buildup of mold, lint, dirt and detergent residues at bay.

    Being more aware and careful is always a good extra measure to take, especially with everyday essentials such as clothing. Make use of innovative home appliances to keep safe and sanitized.