Casa de Memoria launches new online auction


    FOLLOWING the success of its Primero and Segundo anniversary and inaugural online auctions, Casa de Memoria, the Lhuillier-managed auction house now introduces The Casa Online.

    Bronze Lioness by Antoine-Louise Barye

    Powered by Invaluable, The Casa Online is a series of auction events that aim to provide budding art enthusiasts and younger collectors with an accessible platform featuring smaller art pieces and interesting bric-a-brac that are within the reach of this growing audience.

    With this, The Casa Online will be featuring a series of at least four online auctions, starting with “The Casa Online 01” on July 11, 2020, Saturday.

    Cafetera by Victor Arrizabagala

    The first auction is primarily aimed at young, affluent art collectors who are starting to delve into the world of auctions. It will feature European-Filipino art pieces but highlighting must-have paintings and small vintage items that are affordable with a ceiling price of Php 45,000 only.

    Proceeds from The Casa Online 01 will be donated to Sagip Kapamilya, the emergency humanitarian assistance program of the ABS-CBN Foundation.