Canva now lets you create your own Zoom background


    THE webconferencing application Zoom has gained enormous popularity in recent weeks as companies have opted to institute a work-from-home policy in light of the growing coronavirus pandemic. But more than just for work purposes, Zoom has also become a way for people to connect with friends and family in order to see how they are doing during these difficult times.

    For user who enjoy playing around with Zoom settings, they would be able to find that the app allows them to choose from a variety of virtual backgrounds, allowing users to inject some of their personality into the app.

    Global drag-and-drop graphic design platform, Canva, has released a Zoom background creator as working from home continues to become routine around the world. Now, users can create a custom background to prevent any embarrassing moments or ‘Zoombombing’ while keeping their private space, private.

    Canva’s background removal tool also allows for users to have some fun designing backgrounds. Users can access a rich library with millions of images, illustrations, and icons to choose form for their virtual background.

    The simple interface and over 80 different templates make creating one’s own personal virtual background a cinch, even for the less tech-savvy individuals. For those using Zoom for work-related meetings, agenda lists and even infographics can be added to backgrounds for a more practical use-case.