‘Calm toolbox’ promotes mental wellness


    KEEP that ‘calm toolbox’ to maintain a strong mental state during the ongoing coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic, said wellness coach Cathy Babao in an interactive webinar on how to keep calm during the quarantine period and how to adapt to the new (temporary) normal.

    The webinar was hosted by Malayan Insurance as part of its ‘We Women’ program that provides unique non-life insurance protection to women in the country.

    According to Babao, the ‘calm toolbox’ includes deep breathing exercises; time for baking/cooking, drawing or journaling; listening to podcasts/audio-books; binge-watching favorite shows; exercising, praying or meditating; laughing at memes; carving alone time; and indulging in other fun activities.

    As the quarantine may spur surge in mental health, Babao pointed out that contacting some friends could help maintain a state of equilibrium for one’s mental health.

    She also said that it is completely understandable when one does not feel like getting things done during a worldwide pandemic, as this may amplify his anxiety.

    Babao said to find beautiful distractions when appalled by negative thoughts. “There may be things that people can’t control in their lives but one of the things that is controllable is having ample coverage for the challenges that life may bring.”

    Having insurance protection against accidents and unforeseen events was underscored by Yvonne Yuchengco, Malayan vice chair and company sponsor of the We Women program.
    Yuchengco said that the ‘We Women’ program has created personalized solutions for women in a bid to protect themselves, their families, homes and even their businesses, with a difference.