Bringing together the complete TV experience and art appreciation


    Critically-acclaimed films and programs are now widely considered as art, which deserve to be seen through an exceptional TV. Visual masterpieces by some of the world’s greatest artists are also now easily accessible at home, as part of your interior design, with Samsung’s The Frame.

    Samsung hopes to inspire art enthusiasts, interior designers, and other tastemakers as it re-introduces The Frame, a lifestyle TV that features QLED picture quality and functions as your living room’s piece of art at the same time, to the Philippines.

    The Frame functions as a TV when it’s turned on and projects itself as art when it’s turned off. More than integrating QLED technology and other smart features that Samsung has been known for, The Frame enriches the viewing experience and appreciation even further with Art Mode function, bringing world-class galleries to one’s home through the Art Store platform.

    The Art Store, which comes with a one-month free trial, is a subscription-based database of digital art, allowing the TV’s user to curate a personal art collection from top galleries around the world and bring these masterpieces straight to the living room. A full subscription provides unlimited access to 1,200 classic and contemporary artworks and photography from 36 galleries in 18 countries.

    With Auto Curation, The Frame can also serve as a personal art agent, learning one’s style and taste, to recommend art that they would love to see inside their homes. Artists and photographers can also choose their favorite works and curate their own gallery.

    The No-Gap Wall Mount feature also helps The Frame blend in from any angle, and can be easily installed to sit flushed against the wall to hang like a real framed gallery piece. A separate Studio Stand also allows The Frame to be placed anywhere in the house, to match one’s style and taste.

    The Frame 32-inch, 55-inch, and 65-inch models ware now available in Samsung Authorized Dealer stores. Each purchase comes with one free Frame Bezel of your chosen color, redeemable via the Samsung Redemption website. Additional accessories for The Frame can be purchased from Samsung’s online store.