Bringing happiness amid crisis


    It is in moments of crisis and unimaginable difficulties that the power of partnership and its life-changing effects become apparent and most felt; when people band together to go beyond self for the common good.

    At a time when their customers need all the support they can get, Coca-Coca remains true to its mission of being there for them all the way, by ensuring that the constant supply of beverages is made available to them across the country. It is this kind of commitment that has allowed Jollibee to not only provide refreshment and sustenance to their customers, but much-needed aid to those in need as well. Indeed, they personify the spirit of joyful service which Jollibee has been known for, just as Coca-Cola has been known for bringing happiness to generations not just in the Philippines, but the world over.

    A testament to Coca-Cola and Jollibee’s partnership is the P2 million in food assistance enabled by the total beverage company for the pandemic-affected marginalized sectors.

    This included family-size food packs which contain rice fortified with micronutrients and calories, that were distributed to 1,703 vulnerable low-income households in Taguig and Laguna.

    Coca-Cola’s partner, Jollibee Group FoodAID program on the other hand, also distributed P220 million worth of meals both to front liners and families. Over-all, 3.8 million meals–480,000 for hospitals and front liners, 2.5 million for families, 830,000 for checkpoint personnel–have been distributed through various partners.

    The Jollibee Group has also been pooling cash donations for its feeding programs from kind-hearted customers through its CoinBank which are found not only on Jollibee store counters, but online as well.

    Through the years, our relationship with Jollibee has truly grown. Today, we not only consider them as one of our major customers, but also a valued partner that shares in our vision and ideals as well,” says Winn Everhart, president and general manager of Coca-Cola Philippines. “This further drive and encourages us to ensure the continuous supply of our products, so that we, too, can be there for our customers and partners, especially during this challenging time.”