Bridging markets and people


    Since 2002, Bank of China Manila has been working towards boosting bilateral cooperation in the economic, financial, and trade fields between China and the Philippines. The bank has also been steadfast in pursuing its mission of bridging the Philippine and Chinese markets.

    The bank extends its efforts to bridging people. “Our two countries have been friends for a long time. We share many similarities, but we also share many differences. Through this exchange of cultures, we hope to enhance the understanding between the peoples of the Philippines and China,” said Mr. Deng Jun, country head of Bank of China Manila.

    In partnership with the Metropolitan Museum of Manila (MET), the Chinese Culture and Art Association, and China Daily Mail, Bank of China is launching an international arts and cultural exchange program between China and the Philippines.

    The project brings together five Filipino artists and five Chinese artists to participate in a brief residency in historically and culturally significant locations that will juxtapose similarities and nuances of people, place, and nature. It will culminate in two group exhibitions in both countries with corresponding public programs.

    Dubbed “In Harmony with Nature”, the program seeks to present the issue of climate change and mankind’s stewardship of the natural environment, from an artist’s perspective.

    For this project, ten renowned Filipino and Chinese artists have been chosen based on the caliber of their work, the strength of their practice, and potential synergy with their counterparts. They are some of the most distinguished in their respective countries, and are able to convey complex non-art concepts through their artistic lenses.

    First, the participants will undergo a brief residency in Palawan before returning to Manila to exhibit their works at the MET. This initial leg will be punctuated with a collaborative/interactive painting session that will be held during the exhibit’s opening day.

    After the art exhibition in the Philippines, a counterpart art exhibition will be held in China.

    The participating artists from the Philippines are Manuel Baldemor, Rico Lascano, Phyllis Zaballero, Norberto Carating, and Jonahmar Salvosa.

    Their Chinese counterparts are Kuku Chai Bukuk, Cai Zhixin, Ding Jie, Hao Ping, and Liu She.
    Good Luck to this project…..after all , as claimed, the Filipinos and the Chinese are F-R-I-E-N-D-S .

    The book entitled “Inside Out” is a compilation of lectures of yogini Dadi Janki who according to scientists has  the “World’s Most Stable Mind.”

    In 1978, the Medical and Science Research Institute at the University of Texas conducted a study on the brain activity of people who meditated. Dadi Janki’s results showed that while performing actions, lecturing and doing math, her brain waves recorded delta, a state equivalent to deep sleep and regeneration.

    In most of her lectures, she explains that developing a calm mind under all circumstances is based on using the powers of the soul—peace, love, purity, happiness and truth.

    On Sept. 10, 7:30 pm at the Carlos P. Romulo Auditorium, RCBC Plaza,  a dance concert, inspired by the book of the same title: “Inside Out” will be held.

    This one-woman show, performed by Marge Enriquez, is directed by Bong Cabrera and choreographed by Kris-Belle Paclibar.

    The concert will be followed by a short talk by British guest speaker, Denise Lawrence,  on how changing one’s character can change luck.  Lawrence is a senior teacher of the Brahma Kumaris, a United Nations-affiliated NGO.

    For details regarding the concert, contact 890-7960 or 0917-9803541.

    See you there!