Bria Homes expects properties to be strong in 2021


    Contrary to earlier projections, the local property sector continues to flourish amid the COVID-19 pandemic, with residential property sales showing vibrant prospects as the year comes to a close.

    Homebuilders are, in fact, confident that the buoyant outlook will remain way into 2021 as economic recovery moves forward, making today and the coming months the perfect time for investing in real estate.

    Red Rosales, president of BRIA Homes, a leader in housing development in the country, concurs. “Supply and demand curves for housing are at healthy levels, with an increase in investment demands from cities outside of Metro Manila,” he says.

    “Filipinos have become increasingly appreciative of the fact that properties are real and tangible assets. Thus, apart from wanting to fulfill their dream of owning a home, they now look at property as smart investments for the long term.”

    With leisurely pursuits like travel temporarily set aside and people shifting to work-from-home modes and online learning, more focus is now given to the home and how families and individuals can lead safe, secure, and comfortable lives moving forward.

    BRIA Homes addresses these concerns with affordable condominium units and house-and-lot packages situated in wholesome communities where residents’ health and well-being are safeguarded by sanitation and hygiene protocols.

    There are recreational facilities within the property such as multi-purpose halls, covered basketball courts, eco-friendly spaces, and kiddie playgrounds.

    Round-the-clock security is also ensured by perimeter fences, guarded entrances and exits, and CCTV coverage even as BRIA’s competent property management teams are within reach at all times. BRIA Homes’ housing options include 24-square-meter condominium units for those who prefer cozy, low-maintenance lifestyles.

    And for families who prefer stylish houses and lots like the 22-square-meter Elena, 36-square-meter Alecza, and the 44-square-meter Bettina.

    “This year’s quarantine protocols have shown BRIA homeowners that having access to retail establishments such as groceries, wet markets, and convenience stores is more important than ever,” Red Rosales points out.

    “Proximity to hospitals, churches, schools, and major roads and highways is downright essential, too.”