Breaking through


    My dear ever-helpful artist friend Abe Orobia sent me an email message inviting me to an art exhibit in which he is a participating artist.

    Abe Orobia is a descendant of internationally renowned Filipino artist and activist Juan Luna. Many of his co-artists claim that Abe has always been unselfish to all those who need his help. He does not hold back teaching techniques when producing art.

    Abe Orobia is the curator of an art exhibit entitled : “Breakthrough.” The title of the exhibit means “to move or leap forward, to advance, an important discovery and dramatic development” and that is the reason why the participating artist chose this title to be the central theme of this exhibition.

    Every artist, whether considered to be a master or an up-and-coming producer of art has experienced or (and still experiencing) breakthroughs in their artistic careers.

    Breakthrough represents their struggle and conquest and difficulty and elation, despair, and hope.

    “Every artist is a student of art, who is continuously learning, absorbing and creating ways to explore and expand his horizons by challenging his own tried and tested techniques. He changes his own perspectives or points of view in the process. He goes with the changes of the times for the fulfillment and satisfaction of sensibilities – discovering a new voice and license to spread his message to his audience”, Abe said.

    He further adds: “An artist is like a scientist. He finds ways to remind, heal, and cure his environment of its transgressions and illnesses. His ART is like a pill that may be sweet or bitter depending on one’s experience. This is his Breakthrough,” he added.

    The exhibit will feature senior and contemporary artists plus an Indonesian artist from Jakarta.

    Included are Hermes Alegre, Anin Baroto, Benjie Torrado Cabrera, Fil Delacruz, Mario De Rivera, R. Orobia, Pinggot Zulueta, Janos Delacruz, Judeo Herrera, Wilfredo Offemaria, Abe Orobia, Ian Quirante, Jet Rai, and Fernando Ramos Jr.

    As a bonus for the art exhibit there will be art talks and open discussions on the following topics during the opening:
    1. Marriage of Content and Form
    2. Challenges of being an Artist(Physical, Emotional, Psychological and Spiritual)
    3. Muse
    4. The Artist’s role in society

    Breakthrough, the Exhibit, will open on December 14 and run through the 2nd week of January 2020 at J Studio Gallery located at Pasillo 18, La Fuerza Gate 1 Compound, Chino Roces, Makati City.