Bianca Umali endorses World Vision ‘1000 girls’ campaign


    By Anna Patricia Panlilio

    WORLD Vision Philippines with their Education Ambassador Bianca Umali has launched “1000 Girls” campaign that aims to give girls a better future, helping them reach their potential and dreams.

    “Each girl deserves to be in school, overcome poverty, reach her full potential and eventually be a valuable member of the community. I encourage everyone to help us reach our goals and help these girls fulfill their dreams,” the lovely ambassador said. “I have been sponsoring a child since I started with World Vision and I’m excited to sponsor more, hopefully you too, because it warms the heart to help a child in a simple way.”

    According to Philippine Statistics Authority, 63.3% of out-of-school youths are girls because they are forced into child labor, child marriage, or child pregnancy. Due to this, World Vision introduced a global movement that intends to help 1000 Filipino children through the Child Sponsorship program.

    The goal is to have 1000 children supported by October 11, the International Day of Girls.

    “We decided to adapt the 1000 Girls campaign in the Philippines because Filipino girls share similar struggles with girls who live in poverty in other countries. There are so many challenges in fulfilling their dreams. If no one will help them and stand for them, how can they attain their goals? With everyone’s help, we can reach more children.” Executive Director Rommel Fuerte said.

    Partnering with World Vision, business mogul Victor Consunji and his race partner Enrico Menichetti pledged to join and finish the 2019 Fire + Ice Ultra Marathon happening on August 26 to 31 in Iceland. They have set up a fundraising page on where people can pledge their support not only for the duo but also to empower the dreams of girls still living in poverty. Their aim is to gather a million pesos and support a hundred girls in the 1000 Girls campaign.

    “Enrico and I are dedicating this race to these girls because we want them to know that reaching their dream is possible. We want to empower them through this fundraising run. I hope that you can support Enrico and me as we run another race for children.” Consunji explained.

    The first time Consunji and Menichetti ran for the benefit of World Vision children was in 2018 Marathon Des Sables, known as ‘toughest foot race on earth’. The funds were used to support various World Vision programs like nutrition project, providing school supplies, and water facilities.

    Consunji partnered with World Vision because he believes that they are trustworthy and has an amazing track record. While Anielle Madrid from Elev8 Media said that their advocacy lines up with the 1000 Girls campaign and were starting up a scholarship program for college students.

    The campaign launch was held at World Vision Manila Headquarters on August 22 which was attended by Ambassador for Education of Youth Bianca Umali, partners DMCI CEO Victor Consunji, Elev8 Media Marketing Manager Anielle Madrid, Executive Director Rommel Fuerte, Resource Development Director Jun Godornes, Donor Acquisition Managrer Cherry Valencia, and former sponsored child now sponsoring a child Adora Mendoza.