BERRY GLUTA: The first hexagonal enteric coated gluta tablet in the market


    Because people prefer beauty over health, we now have a new product Berry Gluta tablet which aims to make people beautiful through a whiter skin, while at the same time making them healthy as they enjoy the benefits of berry antioxidants.

    Berry Gluta has a Power of 5 in 1 Skin Care and Rejuvenation Formulation: Glutathione: reduces melanin production.

    Remove blemishes, repairs and nourishes the skin; Vitamin C: helps glutathione absorption, inhibit melanin production, replenishes and boosts collagen production while Inulin, an important prebiotic helps gut health and constipation. It also helps with loss and blood sugar control.

    Acai extract, enhances the effect of vitamin C for good metabolism of the skin, smoothen wrinkles, fights UV rays and prevents further sun damage, and rose crystal patented rose petal extract inhibits tyrosine activity, blocks the production of melanin and whitens skin and delays skin aging. A quality product of BIG (Business Innovations Gateway, Inc.).