Being at the top of game


    ROGIN-E returns with the iconic stallion from its classic 90s ad.

    At the same time, it introduces celebrity Gerald Anderson as its newest endorser.

    A product of Bayer Consumer Health, this multivitamin brand helps boost the stamina of men who take it along with proper diet and exercise.

    Anderson is relentless – a description that fits for a man who has not wavered in all aspects of his life.

    His endurance in front and away from the camera, his proven physical prowess, his masterful handling of intrigues and controversies, and his relentless spirit in conquering challenges are what prompted the multivitamin brand to choose him as the new face.

    The multivitamin brand hopes that this partnership will inspire more men to regain and rebuild their stamina. These times may be tough, but the multivitamin brand also believes that Filipino men are strong, relentless, and ready to face whatever life throws at them.