Beauty revolution


    Since its inception in 1998, DMARK Beauty Corporation has been providing services it calls “Beauty Solutions Beyond Compare”. Under the leadership of its CEO Nikki Tang, the company has been known for introducing incomparable anti-aging solutions to customers – revolutionizing the field of skin care and beauty aesthetics across the country to empower men and women by building their self-esteem.

    “It warms my heart to see how, over the years, DMARK Beauty Corporation has achieved so much,” the transcendent Nikki Tang said. “We have flown to greater heights, and now we are even more excited about what the future holds!”

    One of DMARK Beauty Corporation’s bestselling brands, NeoStrata, has a passion for developing the very best in anti-aging skin care. The name “NeoStrata” translates to “new layers” – two words that perfectly describe the brand’s skin care philosophy and belief that visible results come from renewing layers of the skin.

    The brand’s team of researchers has been studying topical skin care ingredients for over four decades, discovering and patenting some of the best-known technologies, like Glycolic Acid, which have been licensed within the skin care industry worldwide.

    This dedication and deeply embedded passion continue today in the laboratories of NeoStrata with the careful crafting of elegant, highly effective formulations, with results proven by rigorous studies. Each NeoStrata product is backed by the highest standards of quality and effectiveness to deliver products and results.

    “All women are beautiful, but sometimes, we have to polish that beauty to bring out the best in it,” Nikki Tang explains. “I know that there are few women who are truly satisfied and content with their skin, and that’s why I’m happy to have been partnering with NeoStrata for all these years. I am so happy that DMARK is the official distributor of NeoStrata in the country, and that there is so much more to come from this exciting friendship.”

    The NeoStrata Skin Active line is a collection of premium products designed for maximum, noticeable results in potent formulations where results continue to build with time. This collection features benefit ingredients that are often combined into “complexes” to address the multiple concerns encountered while aging.

    The line is comprised of different regimens carefully crafted to solve different skin concerns, and each product within every regimen is formulated with potent, high quality performance-driven ingredients proven to work.

    “Our clients and partners’ continued support is absolutely one of the reasons why we are here, and for that, I will always be grateful to them,” Nikki Tang gushed. “I am definitely thrilled to see what awaits DMARK Beauty Corporation and NeoStrata. The best is truly yet to come.”