Beauty made easy


    Homegrown beauty brand Issy & Co. has launched top-of-the-line makeup products formulated with skin-nurturing ingredients and created in universally flattering shades that are easy to apply on different skin types and skin tones.

    The brand prides itself on its “beauty made easy” ethos, promising beauty must-haves that are easy to use, easily accessible, and easy to get along with.

    “We are committed to making our products user-friendly, affordable, and good for you. You don’t need to be a pro to love the homegrown beauty brand,” said Joel Marine Andrade, Issy & Co. creative director.

    “We create beauty products for the ‘Issy girl’ who we define as not just girls, but any individual who loves to take care of himself or herself,” Andrade added.

    “Taking care of yourself or putting on makeup isn’t gendered,” he pointed out.

    The brand could not have found a better ambassador than Alex Gonzaga – host, actress, and one of today’s top celebrity vloggers.

    Last year, coming from the realization that consumers are eager to experiment with makeup but feel shy or are too intimidated about it, the homegrown beauty brand has decided that Gonzaga would make the perfect partner.

    “She is friendly and relatable, and despite her celebrity status, she’s not intimidating,” shared Andrade. “Whenever she releases a vlog, you know you’ll end up in a good mood after watching it. We love that she has her own, genuine way of making people happy!”

    While this collaboration couldn’t have come at a better time, Gonzaga still hopes her first-ever beauty collection would make her fans happy even in just a small way.

    Offered at reasonable price points, her collection will be available in six “Get the Look” kits, complete with how-to notes to achieve looks as worn by the brand ambassador.